Donor Sperm

When the husband has no sperm (Azoospermia) or poor sperm quality( Sperm count and Motility) or some genetic problem related to male can use the donor sperm. Donor sperm obtained from a reputed sperm bank. The recipient may select donor sperm based on their wish, like,Personality (Height,Weight), Academic ability, complexion (Skin colour, Hair colour), and many other factors.

Donor Oocyte

In modern medical world all most all infertile women can have the child with the help of various ART protocols. Some women may not able to produce the healthy egg by various medical reasons like non functioning ovaries, poor ovarian reserve, genetic abnormality, repetitive failure with her own egg, can get the child using healthy donor egg.

Donor Embryo

Embryo donation is a proven ART procedure, when the patients is in following condition like, High risk of passing genetic disorders to the child, Recurrent IVF failures and Both partners looking for the donor egg and sperm can use the desirable donor embryos and can enjoy the parenthood.


In Surrogacy the fertilized embryo of the infertile couples can be transferred to the surrogate uterus, she will carry and the deliver the child.

When the intended mother has no uterus e.g. the woman has had a hysterectomy or has an abnormal uterus which prevents her from carrying a baby of her own.