Like all other medical procedures the IVF treatments procedure are more complex its involves medical and laboratory procedures simultaneously. so we should prepare for some unexpected things can happen even vast experience and state of art facility, we always encourage our patients to discuss the other-side of the IVF treatment before concluding any decision.

Possible cause can arise before, during, After any IVF procedure


In some cases the follicles may not grown well or very less number or the patients may develop some other health issue either ivf related or something else, force us to withdraw the procedure in between.

This happens in about 10% of the cycles.Mostly the poor responders will fall under this. If this kind of situation arise our doctor will discuss in details

Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)

Patients who are having more than 20 follicles the chances of OHSS is high. In this case doctor may abandon the fresh embryo transfer, advise to freeze all the embryos and plan for FET

Spontaneous Ovulation

Usually we do egg collection after 34hrs of trigger, in some cases it can happen, like      after hcG shot the follicles released from the ovary naturally it may reach tube before      in time. Currently egg collection is limited to only at ovary. This occurs in about 1 in      300 cycles.

Low fertilisation or No fertilization

Due to male factor or female factor or some unexplained factors it may happen

Contamination during culture

Microbial (Bacterial or fungal) contamination is the most painful situation for both      embryologist and patients in our lab we have various protocols for prevention and      over come the situation

Slow growing and arrested embryos

Some case the fertilization is good and it will not cleave , some embryos will    cleave      but will not grow further some cases the embryos can not make any blastocyst or      poor quality balstocyst, In some patients we face this kind of issue, its very difficult to find out the reason for it, we are in position not sure about this can repeat in next cycle, but we stand with patients to help in decision making.

Drug reaction

Like all other drug the fertility drugs also have mild reaction Symptoms: Feeling down or irritable, headaches and restlessness.We have best counselling system for this issue, Contact the clinic if have any unexpected reaction to treatment. You will have been provided with an emergency contact number.

Multiple births

During embryo transfer we consider all the facts and we do discuss with the patients, but still we cant avoid the risk of multiple pregnancy completely, Having a multiple birth (twins, triplets or more) is the greatest health risk associated with fertility treatment. In multiple pregnancy carry the risk for both mother and the babies .

Fetal Reduction procedure is available to reduce the fetus in the uterus by ultrasound guidance, its also carry potential risk of miscarriage of all babies.Patient should make sure to speak to clinician about this before making any decision.

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy meansthe embryo implants outside the uterus. The most common site is in the fallopian tube. Occasionally an ectopic pregnancy can develop in the ovary. The chance of ectopic pregnancy is higher side in the IVF patients,especially who are having tubal problem.

Symptoms: One-sided low abdominal pain.Contact the clinic if have any pain. You will have been provided with an emergency contact number.